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Short abstract in English

About the Company

GWDA Sp. z.o.o. is a Polish company which combines many years of experience with an innovative approach to the environment. For more than 25 years, GWDA has been providing sewage treatment services to the city of Piła.
Our focus is on striking a balance between economic growth and taking care of the environment and human health. All of our actions follow the sustainable development principle. An efficient composting plant, forward-thinking thermal modernization of buildings, modern heat pumps recovering energy from sewage, or getting electricity from an in-house solar park are just a few examples of projects carried out by GWDA in recent years.
Based on the premise that sewage sludge is a valuable raw material, we can offer a range of environmentally-friendly certified fertilizer products made of waste organic matter.
Our strong motivation to pursue continuous development, as well as our highly-skilled and experienced staff enable us to systematically achieve our goals, which is best reflected by multiple national awards received by the company. The company is an active member of numerous organizations and industry associations on a European, national and local level. We cooperate with the European Compost Network, Circular Economy Institute, Chamber of Commerce of Northern Wielkopolska, “Biorecykling” Association, Piła Energy Cluster, Polish Association of Energy Clusters and Polish Hydrogen Association. We also collaborate in research and development with the Stanisław Staszic State University of Applied Sciences in Piła and the AMU Nadnotecki Institute in Piła.

Sewage treatment plant

The sewage treatment plant uses mechanical-biological and chemical processes to treat domestic and industrial wastewater.
The technological setup of the plant allows for the mean concentrations of contaminants in the discharged treated sewage to be lower than the values set in relevant regulations and design specifications.

Composting plant

GWDA Sp. z.o.o. holds all legally required permits to put on the market organic fertilizers and an organic soil improver based on the compost produced by the company. Our products are safe for human health and the environment.
The composting facility is located next to the sewage treatment plant in the southeast part of Piła. The surface of the facility is paved with reinforced concrete slabs, and the leachate from composting is transferred to the adjacent sewage treatment plant. As a feedstock in the composting process we use both the sewage sludge available on site and acquired from other treatment plants in the area, source-separated biodegradable waste from the food, paper and wood industries, waste from agricultural production, green waste, as well as other waste streams with a composition suitable for compost production.